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Hello! Call me ‘Rob’, your local chiropractor in the the busy hub of Te Atatu Peninsula.

I am a father of two active boys and my journey into chiropractic care started in the mid-eighties. Because I suffered from sciatica for years, I tried everything I came across to help alleviate my symptoms but nothing helped until one day I had a chiropractic adjustment. A week later when I still felt no pain, I was intrigued.

In1993, I left the police force and moved my family (wife and oldest son) to the United States so that I could train to become a chiropractor with the Sherman College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. My youngest son was born there while I pursued my studies, so to support the family, I studied during the day and waited at tables in the evenings.

Dr Rob Stewart

In 1997, we returned to New Zealand and opened a practice in Ponsonby, which I consequently sold in 2005. I then moved premises and opened a practice in Te Atatu Peninsula. I have been here eversince.

No matter what the age; from new born babies to my oldest patient who is 90 years old, I love being able to help people naturally. I believe whole-heartedly in the benefits of chiropractic not only because of my training but also because of my personal experience and also from the feedback and gratitude expressed by relieved patients whom I have had the pleasure of assisting.

Chiropractic allows individuals to live a healthier life by clearing interferences in one’s nervous system and allows the immune system to function properly.

Nerves go to every part of your body and are constantly sending messages from the brain to the body to enable it to function.   These nerves exit the spinal cord from between the vertebra (bones) in your spine.  Every time one of these vertebra go out of position they put pressure on these nerves. This is called a subluxation and can affect the function of the nerve by sending wrong messages through the body, therefore affecting the area the nerve is going to.  As a Chiropractor, I re-align the vertebra and therefore release the troublesome trapped nerves, allowing them to function properly. This in turn, results in a healthier you.

I love working with babies especially because it is amazing how they respond to treatment.   Babies with colic, reflux, sleeping disorders, flat head, pretty well anything. In adults, chiropractic can help alleviate back pain, headaches, etc.

550a Te Atatu Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland 0610